"The Hip hop generation is a doomed generation, with no attachments, no voice, and no name…"  

"Hip Hop Generation", Down Low Connection (1995)

Ray Archie is the primary link to both industry and educational outreach. Mr Archie is founder and Executive Director of Notes to the Soul—a non-profit organization that organizes music education residencies in schools for students ages 9-18 and provides instrument donations, scholarships, and grants to children and schools. Notes to the Soul also runs a vibrant record label and organizes career development workshops for musicians.

Mr. Archie was also founder, bassist, engineer, and co-producer of the DLC’s catalog. He has remained fully invested in the music industry as a performer and producer, as well as Director of Streaming Operations for CBS Radio Corporate. He has also worked on developing techniques for producing oral histories and discussions aimed at educating musicians and mentoring them in their careers.

Ray 'The Bassman'